Minimalist Brand Canva Template
Minimalist Brand Canva Template
Minimalist Brand Canva Template

Minimalist Brand Canva Template

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Having a professional visual brand is GOLD when it comes to getting your new business established. 

When you're not a designer, and don't have a budget for a designer you gotta DIY. But having a DIY budget doesn't mean it has to LOOK DIY!

Use our Canva Brand Templates to get your professional looking brand, without the professional price tag.


Included: Fully editable - logo, three sub-marks, style tiles, color palette with HEX codes, suggested font usage.

Style: Minimal brand design for women
Color Palette: Slate, gray, and black

Why choose us?

More Than Just a Logo

A logo alone is one piece of the puzzle. Our brands come with all the pieces you need (fonts, color palettes, submarket, etc) to complete the whole picture. 

Support Positivity

When you purchase our brand templates you're supporting a small business that gives back. We donate a percentage of profit to foundations supporting miniority business owners.

Your Brand Solution

Beautiful, affordable brands that are easy to use.

Learn how to use your brand

Getting the brand is step 1, learning how to use it comes next. From content creation to building your site, we make sure you are confident in what you're doing.

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